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British GI Brands 2019


A report by Brand Dialogue on the perception of geographical indication (GI) brands in the UK. 

Cornish pasty is the #1 British GI product for customer familiarity, followed by Jersey Royal Potatoes, and Scotch Whisky. 


When looking at the scores separately, Cornish Pasty remains number one for familiarity, while Arbroath Smokies take top places for protected status awareness


Phrases associated with GIs skew positive, with "Authentic" and "Premium Quality" two most popular answers


Many British GI products considered "Best in Class" for their category, with Harris Tweed scoring highest


Nearly 3 in 4 British consumers believe that they are much more likely or somewhat more likely to purchase products with a geographical indication. 

Fish and Chips was named the Best of British Food & Drink by most respondents but a fifth of British consumers cannot name their favourite British dish

For more insights, read through the full report here.

oriGIn UK Newsletter 

Brand Dialogue and oriGIn have created a monthly newsletter to reach UK GI stakeholders and regularly promote the exchange of information, consolidate a sense of community, and discuss how UK GIs can confront the challenges they are faced with. 

The newsletter will also be an opportunity to explore the needs for and ways to establish a UK GI association. We hope that such a dialogue could lead to the formal creation of such an association during the Brand Dialogue Forum.

Read the September edition here.

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