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Dialogue partake in panel debate at Universal Cookery and Food Festival

On Wednesday 5th September 2013, Cherry Haigh, Chairman of Dialogue joined the Panel debate at the Universal Cookery and Food Festival, Hampshire.

The Universal Cookery & Food Festival was the second Craft Guild of Chefs event of its kind, aiming to explore Britain’s ‘outdoor larder’ through seasonal produce, local sourcing and foraged food, as well as new cooking techniques. Indoor and outdoor demonstrations combined trends and debates with expert speakers and several sampling opportunities.

The panel debate focused on navigating the ‘menu minefield’ and the key topics discussed were; Sustainability, food allergies, alterations of menus, food labelling and the development of the food industry. The debate allowed audience members to engage and interact with the panel of key chefs, presenters and industry members who were able to share their knowledge and experience on the questions raised.

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