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Brand Dialogue "Splices the Mainbrace" at RumFest 2019

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

One of the best things about working with new brands is that we get to be part of their journey from the beginning - getting involved in developing their brand story and tone of voice. This is why we were extremely excited to work with new rum brand Mainbrace Rum, by organising their launch at RumFest in October.

We were very drawn to Mainbrace's brand story, as it is a rum hailing from the naval tradition known as "splicing the mainbrace" - a phrase born from courage, loyalty, and teamwork. In the heart of battle, a brave team of soldiers would "splice the mainbrace" if it was damaged in order to save the main mast of the ship. This was a difficult but vital task which was rewarded with a double ration of rum to celebrate. Nowadays, it is a naval tradition to make a toast to "the Queen - God bless her" at a celebration.

RumFest 2019- with its bright colours and a room filled with rum enthusiasts - was the perfect place to bring this celebration to life. On the Friday morning, we headed out to West Brompton with our stand, merchandise, and, of course, our freshly bottled Mainbrace Rum (it had only just been bottled a couple of days before the festival!), ready for a weekend of intense rum sampling!

New Mainbrace fans!

Over the three days at RumFest, we met so many rum enthusiasts and drinks trade, who were all very interested in hearing the story behind Mainbrace and its composition.

Mainbrace Rum is a unique golden "spliced" rum crafted with a premium blend of unaged agricole from Martinique and rums aged between 2-5 years from 3 stills on the banks of the Demerara river in Guyana. It is produced using locally sourced sugar cane (and no sweeteners or colourings) using traditional pot and column still distillation. Staying true to its namesake, the same methods and stills were used to create rum for the British Navy as far back as 1732!

Everyone who visited our stand also enjoyed a bespoke cocktail with Mainbrace Rum, namely, "Always Sunny" made with orange juice and ginger beer, a take on the well-known "Dark 'N' Stormy" cocktail.

Following the resounding success at RumFest, we are excited to be organising a series of launch parties, including a press event on Wednesday 4th December at Brand Exchange! Watch this space for updates on Mainbrace's latest movements ... or, you can:

Follow @mainbracerum on Instagram and Facebook.

Buy Mainbrace on Drink Finder.

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