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Capturing the Taste of Parma Ham

To kick off activities for Parma Ham this year, we worked with Bridget Colvin, an accomplished chef and cookery teacher who has worked with Michel Roux Jr, to create new recipes featuring the product. We partnered with Hospitality Media to help bring them to life during a photo shoot at First Option Studio.

We couldnt wait to work with Bridget, who we have previously worked with for Parma Ham (last year at a press cookery event at Good Housekeeping Cookery Institute), and to see what recipes she would create.

In the end we settled with:

  • Crispy Buffalo Mozzarella with Parma Ham, basil, roasted vine tomatoes and salsa verde

  • Crispy Parma Ham, goats cheese and spring vegetable millefeuille

  • Layered Parma Ham, courgette, pepper & pesto country picnic loaf

  • Parma Ham huevos rancheros with crushed chilli and lime avocado

  • Parma Ham, butternut squash and shallot quiche

  • Parma Ham, date, walnut and pear cinnamon rolls

Jacqueline and Adrian from Hospitality Media helped us book First Option Studio, a beautiful space with plenty of natural light perfect for photographing Parma Ham.

During the photo shoot, Bridget prepared each dish whilst Hospitality Media styled the recipes and captured some beautiful images. We cant wait to share them throughout the year!

If you would like a copy of these recipes, please contact

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