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Cost Sector Catering Awards, 2014

On Thursday 24th April 2014, Dialogue was invited to attend the 2014 Cost Sector Catering Awards, a prestigious annual awards ceremony identifying the UK’s best public sector and food-service catering operators.

Nominations were sought for individuals or organisations that could prove that a particular initiative or sustained campaign has been successful and exceeded expectations. Judges completed the process of sorting through the nominations for the 2014 awards, with organisations such as Sodexo, ISS, and Amadeus on the shortlist. The awards aimed to recognise the changing face of cost sector catering.

“There's simply no other event that offers the people who work in our industry the chance to be judged by their peers and come through to win industry-wide recognition as the best"

– David Foad, Cost Sector Catering Editor.

Attendance at the Cost Sector Catering Awards enabled Dialogue to keep updated with current trends and gain insight into the growth and changes in the catering industry.

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